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Få indblik og nyheder fra industrien
by BA team
mar 12, 2019
Agile methodology is something that has fast become the status quo in many software development companies, but how can it help ...
by BA team
feb 8, 2019
The notion that outsourcing and automation are mutually exclusive is a myth. Often, when businesses or individuals are looking ...
by BA team
jan 28, 2019
When you want to know the state of the outsourcing industry, you need to understand RPA. In this article, we’re going to take a...
by BA team
okt 10, 2018
When you want to know how to structure your business as it grows it can be hard to understand where to start. Of course, you ne...
by BA team
sep 18, 2018
With it becoming increasingly easier to connect with people all around the world with the click of the button it is safe to say...
by BA team
aug 28, 2018
The blockchain is an emergent technology often referred to, but very often not completely understood. Those who don’t work in a...